41st Annual Conference of Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand (ISSH)

Co-hosted by Singapore Society for Hand Surgery (SSHS)


Message from Patrons

Dr. N. S. Laud

I am pleased that ISSHCON 2017 is being organised in Mumbai.

I had a long association with Indian Society of Surgery of the Hand and also attended various International conferences in Hand surgery. Those days India had major problems of Industrial Hand injuries and we did run a joint Hand injury follow up clinic in collaboration with Plastic surgery department and my colleague Dr.Ravin Thate.

In the last decade there has been a sea change in understanding diagnosis and management of Hand problems from Trauma, deficiencies to nerve problems with rise in Sports activities as a profession, there is a large number of young people with wrist instabilities and missed fractures, and these deformities could jeopardize the professional competency of a person.

Micro surgery has completely changed the scenario related to infection non unions and disabilities. Today it is possible not only to reconstruct but to restore full function in a disabled hand.

The rehabilitation protocols splints static or dynamic have made substantial difference to reduce and control residual problems. I am certain with the dynamism in this team and the support they have from their mentors, this meeting will become a trend setter in this part of the world. Mumbai was held as a pioneering Hand centre in the past, organizing such a meeting in Mumbai is indeed a great tribute and recognition of Mumbai as a pioneering centre.

As I go around the country, I see many surgeons who have specialized in Hand surgery and who have gained world recognition, with the result that young Hand surgeons from East and West visit India to gain training in Hand surgery. This meeting's success lies in the number of visiting hand surgeons from around the world.

I welcome you to Mumbai.


Dr. N. S. Laud

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