41st Annual Conference of Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand (ISSH)

Co-hosted by Singapore Society for Hand Surgery (SSHS)


Message from Mentors

Dr. Sudhir Warrier

These guys are serious!

They so want it to be the best one ever.

I don't think I have seen such planning, brainstorming and openness in accepting and implementing suggestions ever. This Organizing team is pulling out all the stops. ISSHCON 2017 returns to Mumbai after a long hiatus. With Hand Surgery poised to attain its rightful pedestal amongst the important medical super-specialties in the sub-continent as in the developing nations around the globe, the theme "Simplifying Hand Surgery" is ironically appropriate.

The culture and expanding popularity of sports and fitness have gradually replaced the traditional farm and industrial injuries as one of the main reasons for patients to seek specialized care when injured. Understanding emerging patterns of injuries and more effective solutions thereof, makes Hand Surgery the happening area of that gloriously nebulous sub-set of the specialties of Orthopedic and Plastic Surgery.

A harmonious and happy organizing team is at work to make this meeting special. Can you afford to miss this one?
Mark your dates and register early. We assure you it will be like none that has gone before!


Dr. Sudhir Warrier

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