41st Annual Conference of Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand (ISSH)

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From Scalpel to Summit - My Tryst with Everest"
by Dr Murad Lala

About Dr. Murad E. Lala

“An ordinary person with an extraordinary dream!”

Dr. Murad E. Lala, an alumni of The Lawrence School, Lovedale, is a Cancer surgeon working at PD Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai, for the past fifteen years.Young enough to seek adventure & mature enough not to be foolhardy, he believes in getting out of his comfort zone and pushing the envelope and has made time away from his profession and challenged himself in other arenas of life to make himself a more mature and complete person. He dared to fail because he believed that if you have not stumbled, you have not tried hard enough.By becoming the first Indian civilianDoctor to summit Mount Everest on 19th May 2013 at 9.10 am, he has just proved to himself what he always believed in - limitations exist only in the human mind!The cancer surgeon realizes that 'normality' is a paved road; it is comfortable to walk on, but no flowers grow on it.

Towards realizing his childhood dream of summiting Mount Everest, he completed the “Triple Crown Expedition” in October, 2012, in which he summited three 20,000 feet peaks around Mount Everest. The one month long vigorous training in basic & advanced mountaineering, rock climbing, crevasse rescue and snow craft geared him to take on the great challenge of summiting the highest point on earth.

Murad was part of the five member multinational team of “Peakfreaks” that spent about six weeks at Everest Base Camp training and acclimatizing for the summit push. All members were successful in safely summiting Mt. Everest maintaining the flawless safety record of Peakfreaks.

Some of his other extracurricular achievements are:

Extreme Sports

  • Participated in the “Raid de Himalaya” - Himalayan Car Rally in 2007, 2008 and 2009.
  • Awarded trophy for securing third in the car category in 2009 along with wife, Dr. Mamatha Lala, a pediatrician and an adventure sports enthusiast herself.
  • Participated in Standard Chartered Mumbai Half Marathon, 2013, 2014, 2017. Navy Half marathon 2016.
  • Sky diving, bungee jumping, parasailing, white water rafting


  • All India Best Cadet (Air Wing)
  • Winner of Prime Minister‟s Gold Medal
  • Represented India at Singapore in N.C.C. India contingent
  • “B” certificate holder


  • Holder of a Private Pilot‟s License.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

  • Gold medal - Duke of Edinburgh‟s Award Scheme, 1981.

“The miracle is not that I summited….
The miracle is that I had the courage to take the first step!”

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